Insulation Blankets

Energy conservation

Removable insul insulation covers are tailor-made with an overall even tickness of the entire cover. They are designed in such a way that a close fitting to the existing pipe insulation is obtained. This results in a reduction of heat losses with a minimum of 90% (compared to non insulated bare surface) Economics. Earn back time 1 tot 3 times. If for a valve ND 100 (NPS 4) at an operating temperature of 200 centigrade, ambient 20 centigrade, windvelocity zero, at 60 mm insulation thickness, the realized heat reduction is 2061 Watt.

All materials used in our removable insulation covers have been tested by independent institutes. Materials are selected in accordance with the requirements with regard to temperatures and environment. None of the materials contain asbestos.



Woven glassfibre cloth coated with silicone or other elastomers, Teflon. Woven ceramic fiber cloth with or without inconel reinforcement. Aramide yarns or metallic wire. Insulation base materials: Mineral wool (either glass-or rockwool) or ceramic wool. The appropriate selection of insulation thickness and density assures optimal insulation properties. Attachments are made by glassfabric belts with stainless steel buckles, by polyamide or aramide Velcro.


Quality assurance

Over 10 years of experience in the field. Up till now 30.000 m2 covers installed at various plants all over the world in the following industrial sectors: chemical, food , metal, nuclear, district heating and so on... Stringent selection of applied materials (fabrics, basic insulation materials, yarns) based upon the working conditions of each individual object to be installed. We have a constant research and quality control. On request of the client we attach engraved metal labels on the insulation jacket and insulated item so that both may be easily identified during maintenance.


Special Insulation

Our scope includes the insulation of the most versatile shapes, such as steamturbines, exhausts of diesel and naval engines, furnaces and sterilisors, etc... For valves of ND 200 (NPS 4) and up, the insulation cover consists of 2 separated pieces. One piece covers the body, the other one the stem. This enables easy maintenance of the packing gland and stem, without any dismantling work.