Flangebelt Protectors

PBS safety spray shields


Protect yourself, the environment and your equipment.

Use our PBS Safety Spray Shields to prevent injury in the event of a leak or spray-out of hazardous liquids at piping connections (such as flanges, valves, or expansion joints) found in many industries. Our PBS Safety Shields are mostly referred to as flange covers, flange shields, safety shields, flange diapers, flange guards or flange protectors.

Leak detection (environment and personnel) and protection (personnel and equipment) are of high importance.

Our PBS Safety Spray Shields are made of PTFE coated fibber glass tissue, silicone coated fibber glass tissue or PVC. We also have our stainless steel flange protector. PBS Safety Spray Shields apply where spray-out of hazardous chemicals has to be prevented. This can happen due to gasket or packing failure on expansion joints, flanges and valves.


The PBS Safety Shields are available in the following materials:

PVC tissue with drawstrings and Velcro for quick installation. Color blue. Max 80°C and suitable for less severe applications.
PTFE (Teflon®) coated glass fibre tissue comes standard in colour grey with drawstrings and Velcro. Suitable for applications up to 270°C and resistant to many chemicals.

All available Teflon® shields can be made with a pH indicator patch that can be replaced as many times wanted.


Metal flange protectors or corrosion guards

In industrial pipe installations and any other pipe installations sensitive to atmospherical conditions, flange connections can be subject to corrosion and can require thorough maintenance on a regular basis. In practice, maintenance of the gap between these flange connections is not always easy. The same applies to the fixing bolts.
In time, the flange bolts on unprotected flanges can be damaged by corrosion. This also affects the other components within the flange that the bolts come into contact with. This problem can be avoided with the use of flange protection.  Our equipment contains a leak detection system. The whole unit making it perfectly watertight.
Our equipment is in the shape of a 'belt' made of stainless steel with an elastomer on the inside. Furthermore, the design of the Flange protector is such that it is very quick and easy to fit and dismantle.



The flange protector has been designed as a simple product with as few components as possible in order to guarantee a complete sealing of a flange connection. In order to bring this about a special tensing key has been designed which tightens the guard around the flange. After removing the tensing key there is nothing left than can corrode or perish.


The corrosion problem

In industrial pipeline installations which are subject to the effects of weather, it is usually the flange connection which causes problems for carrying out maintenance effectively. The interstices of these flange connections are indeed not easy to maintain in practice.  Because of this, bolts or stud-bolts are weakened over the course of time due to corrosive wear. In addition the underlying structures are frequently subject to wear due to the leaking rusty water from these flange connections.

The solution

A flange protector of type 'A' Or 'T' is bound tightly around the flange by means of a special tensing key. Type 'A' Consists of an elastomer, the steam diffusion resistance factor of which is > 5000. The flexible outer jacket is made of 306 stainless steel. The assembly is provided with a locating hole, or a connecting nipple, to which the desired connecting pipes etc. can be connected. Type 'T' Is designed with a Teflon® inner jacket.


Flanges with insulation

The problem

Flange leakage resulting in the product in the insulation.  With non-flammable products, the damage can be substantial; in the case of flammable products with electrically heated pipes, for example, a catastrophe!

The solution

A tightly sealed flange belt with a connecting nipple protects the insulation against any possible leakage from the flange connection. All materials are based on 304 stainless steel and Teflon® with a temperature range from -269°C To +280°C.


Chilled pipelines

Chilled pipelines, or those situations where it can be assumed that condensation forms on the systems, can be prevented with a flange protector. The connecting nipple is provided by a transparent sealed Teflon® tube, or a stainless steel nipple with a small glass sampling bottle. The whole serves as a sealed leak-detection device, with the possibility of adding a coloured marking fluid as a fast, clear indicator.


Special situations

  • Flanges in inaccessible places or above passageways.
  • Flanges in pipe gullies under the ground.
  • Even flanges completely embedded under ground.
  • Flanges in enclosed spaces.
  • Flanges for gas pipelines.

Numerous situations where a flange connection causes an extra risk to the environment or safety can be protected by a flange protector with a leak-detection device at some safe, accessible point. For every situation there is a suitable design in 304 stainless steel or Teflon®.


The big advantages of PBS safety spray shields

  • Can be tailor made following needs and circumstances
  • Reusable
  • Fast and easy installation
  • No tools needed
  • Easy, light and no maintenance
  • Possibility of pH indicator or clear Teflon® strip

The big advantages of metal flange protectors

  • Stops any rust from developing
  • Protects the bolts inside the flange
  • No corrosion as no rust can develop on parts where the flanges rest.
  • Can be used again and again after dismantling
  • Long life expectancy.